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I’m constantly FB banned because of some jerk on my @cannibalized page, I gave away almost everything I own, I am over aq thousand miles from someone I want to be near every day, and I have no home. BUT, I am lucky to have a temporary roof over my head, people to try to better myself for, the beauty (despite the cold) of being like The Hermit, ( ) in the woods. 

Lyme conspiracy. When I was better at motivating and concentrating I was dilligent about finding correlations between my mental and physical health and this, if there are any. Maybe just a coincidence.

I have 36 of the 58 on the list, I am excluding things like spasms and other which only happen sparingly, now. I used to have ticks often (not ticks, but you know, of the body)

Makes me wonder.. This state is very proactive about Lyme, I got mine at Quincy Bog in NH, wearing pants, knee high socks, sweater, protected, got me just above the knee highs, got the classic rash, never saw the tick on me, but then when I was at my aunt and uncles house for the summer I couldn’t move my body, everything was horrific pain, I had the classic rash and they called all the doctors into the clinic to admire it, tested me for meningitis, gave me a spinal tap, all that, but when I got it was when i was a teen (13 or 14), so I wonder what is wrong, genetics (head meds never helped these past couple years, i never took any then but tried everything for about 2-3 years here)

My nickname is ST (Short Term (memory)). I remember nothing since then, that’s when it started and degraded.

I was lucky to get the rash and know instantly what had happened, thanks to my grandmother, but I have never been the same since. And I feel like whatever it is, a mental disease or neurological problems, it gets worse as I age. I am not the same person.

I know many people who have had it for years and not known. Doctors would say nothing, not see the signs, i had a client who quit the red sox because his kid was always sick, in and out of hospitals, her mother wrote a book about it.

Here’s a list a friend of mine sent, when I was proactive and researching, when I had a few stints of memory;

No problem. I’ve suffered for a long time with all this shit and its not fun.

Okay, so.. This is a check list of current symptoms. You’re supposed to rate each symptom’s current severity as none/mild/moderate/severe… Then, with that same symptom, you rate the current frequency of it as never/occasional/often/constant.. Its a pain in the ass. But, I’ll just list all the symptoms.

1. Persistent swollen glands

2. Sore throat/ fevers

3. Sore soles, especially in the AM

4. Joint pains (fingers, toes - ankles, wrists - knees, elbows - hips, shoulders)

5. Joint swelling (fingers, toes - ankles, wrists - knees, elbows - hips, shoulders)

6. Unexplained back pain

7. Stiffness of the joints or back

8. Muscle pains or cramps

9. Obvious muscle weakness

10. Twitching of the face or other muscles

11. Confusion or difficulty thinking

12. Difficulty with concentration, reading, problem absorbing information

13. Word search, name block

14. Forgetfulness, poor short-term memory, poor attention

15. Disorientation, getting lost, going to wrong places

16. Speech-errors, wrong word, misspeaking

17. Mood swings, irritability, depression

18. Anxiety (hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, bipolar)

19. Tremor, seizures

20. Headache

21. Light sensitivity, sound sensitivity

22. Vision: double, blurry, floaters

23. Ear pain

24. Hearing: buzzing, ringing, decreased hearing

25. Increased motion sickness, vertigo, spinning

26. Off balance, “tippy” feeling

27. Lightheadedness, wooziness, unavoidable need to sit or lie down

28. Tingling, numbness, burning or stabbing sensations, shooting pains, skin hypersensitivity

29. Facial paralysis- Bell’s Paulsy

30. Dental pain

31. Neck creaks and cracks, stiffness, neck pain

32. Fatigue, tired, poor stamina

33. Insomnia, fractionated sleep, early awakening

34. Excessive night time sleep

35. Napping during the day

36. Unexplained weight gain

37. Unexplained weight loss

38. Unexplained hair loss

39. Pain in genital area

40. Unexplained menstrual irregularity

41. Unexplained milk production

42. Breast pain

43. Irritable bladder or bladder dysfunction

44. Erectile dysfunction

45. Loss of libido

46. Queasy stomach or nausea

47. Heartburn, stomach pain

48. Constipation, diarrhea

49. Low abdominal pain, cramps

50. Heart murmur or valve prolapse

51. Heart palpitations or skips

52. “Heart block” on EKG, Chest wall pain or ribs sore

53. Head congestion

54. Breathlessness, “air hunger”, unexplained chronic cough

55. Night sweats

56. Exaggerated symptoms or worse hangover from alcohol

57. Symptom flares every 4 weeks

58. Degree of disability

And here’s an interesting documentary about it as well.
  • Sarah Cookiepuss Blackburn I’ve seen this documentary and it made me furious. the fact that doctors are refusing to admit that long term lyme disease is a real problem makes me sick. Its even worse that the doctors refuse to give them the only medication that seems to work. UGH.
  • May Machin The medication most times made me so ill i’d throw up, so I always wondered if it even helped at all.
  • Fryday Child My mother got Lyme disease about five years ago. Some doctors claim Lyme disease doesn’t even exist.. She is a 59 year old waitress and is on her feet for six straight hours 4-6 nights a week. I feel terrible that she has to be in pain like that while the doctors argue over who is right instead of finding better treatment or a cure.
  • May Machin i’m so sorry, and it only gets worse (for me anyhow)
  • May Machin Michelle Layton i’m sorry i lash out at you, Frances Jack thank you for helping me, Dahlia Layton be careful in the woods, Shannon Layton you as well. And to all my friends who’ve had it for years and been “undiagnosed”, I feel your pain, and I love you all.
  • Zzy Meloy A very dear friends of mine is currently suffering from this. He is a completely different person than the one I knew before. His health is persistently deteriorating. He has luckily found some physicians who believe him, but since hardly anyone is studying how to cute thus there isn’t much help for this.
  • Nicolette Reed Gracey This was very informative, thank you for sharing…and sorry this happened to you.
  • May Machin i am a different person and it’s chronic, it gets worse daily, you know, but i don’t know if it’s lyme or genetics. i wish i had the motivation to get out of bed and research it again. then again we can’t deny both sides of my family are a bit nutty
  • May Machin I’m sorry about your friend Zzy Meloy, i have many as well, and may probably don’t even know why they are sicka nd in pain. like i said i have 36 our of the 58 on the list and I excluded quite a few as they are seldom, now, or maybe unnoticed by me anymore as it has been so long. Britteny Rose has seen some ticks, well often, and i always do things every day but i blame it on anxiety.
  • Cannibalized Please share this! I know so many peeople undiagnosed, dismissed, hurting for years or life. I don’t know if my ‘issues’ are this or genetics, but care for your kids and yourself, it’s an epidemic.
  • Cannibalized btw i am may if you guys didnt know, FB is just a jerk.
  • Cannibalized you fuckers.
    In the 1970s, a mysterious and deadly illness began infecting children in a smalSee More
  • Cannibalized Certainly watch the end everyone, you too ma my cousins, sister and their kids. you to Adridenne, Madison, And aunts and uncles, despite not speaking to me, be safe.
  • Cannibalized please share, to spread awareness.
  • Cannibalized so many head meds, but inly the past couple years. the oddest thing, aside from no memory anymore and migraines everyday (as i said before, i am a shell of what i used to be. Is it me, or lyme? Just a shitty personality?
  • Alex Blau Just watched it, very educational, never realized the magnitude of the disease, I like many others thought antibiotics for a couple of weeks and then gone, I was wrong.
  • Cannibalized Yeah I had 2 weeks of doxy but they told me up here in MA that it will never go away and can come back at any time. I do have heart conditions now (and meds for them that I don’t take) and obviously no memory and am not “right” in the head so it makes me wonder. like I said up there I have 36 of the 58 sympoms on that list, with me excluding ones that are just seldom.
  • Alex Blau Quite possibly you may be right.
  • Cannibalized I’m always right.
  • Alex Blau Not when it comes to Bruce Campbell.
  • Cannibalized OH YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH, SIR!
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    Cannibalized I write lyme on my chart every time, I used to go to the hospital about twice a month, intentionally lived in quincy near hospital hill. of course all i heard from freecare (or poor care) from the asian doctors “DRINK MOAR WATA” and they’d shove me out the door. This was for years. All sorts of ailments. Institutionalized myself. Stoke, seizures, hives, no memory, facial and neck ticks and spasms. When I got it, they told the truth, now they (different doctors) shove me out of the office as quick as possible, even yell at me if the nurse doesn’t do all the paperwork, “WASTE MY TIME!” they think i’m a hypochondriac i think, but I had, and have on my personal page “what’s wrong now?” as a folder, just random things, I never really mentioned the pain, aside from to a roomate of mine, a good day is a headache, others are migranes, left side brain and left side occular, i joke that I need an eyepatch but it’s like a trend in photography lol. Also a smell of anything, food, whatever, would make me sick. The list has so many similarity that I couldn’t avoid the thought that it either caused or escalated my physical and mental illnesses. My heart, my mind, my memory, , my body. But they don’t listen anymore. It sucks.
I seldom update this because none of you fucks give a fuck, understandably.

So write me something or die an internet death!

Oh come the fuck on, it’s mean to fuck with poor people.
How much bullshit it this?

” Conversation started today
Law Chambers

Dear Layton,

Compliment of the day. Excuse my intrusion into your private life without your prior permission. I hope my mail will not cause you much embarrassment as I write to you in good faith.

I am Barrister Frank Desmond, a solicitor at law, personal attorney to (Late) Mr. Ron Layton, who worked with Shell Development Company in Lome-Togo for more than twenty years. On the 1st of June 2009, he and his wife and only daughter were involved in an automobile accident while visiting a neighboring country on vacation.

They were buried two weeks after and I have exhausted all means of reaching who may have been related to them. This has been made more difficult because no mention was made of any relative while he was alive.

After these several unsuccessful attempts to locate their family, I decided to contact you since my client died without testified any (WILL) which is the next of kin of this fund to come forward and apply for this claim.

You will permit me as the attorney who take proper list documentary care of this estate, to fill your name in my file as next of kin and beneficiary of this fund deposited ,hence my late client was not signed any name in my file jacket as the inheritor of this will. In order to assist in repatriating the fund valued at US$ 9.3 Million left behind by my client before it get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Finance Company where this huge amount was deposited.

The said Finance Company has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have his account confiscated within the next twenty one official working days. Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over (1 Year ) now, I seek the consent to present you as the next of kin to the deceased since i will fill in your name in my file jacket as the next of kin of this estate, so that the proceeds of this account can be paid to you.

Therefore, on receipt of your positive response, we shall then discuss the sharing ratio and modalities for transfer. I have all necessary information and legal documents needed to back you up for claim.

All I require from you is your honest cooperation to enable us see this transaction through. I guarantee that this deal will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.

For more details and clarification, endeavour to furnish me with your direct telephone number including your alternative e-mail address different from your FACEBOOK contact to enhance effective communication.

Please kindly contact me on my email address for more details and clarification:

Thanks for your prompt response.

Very truly yours,

Frank Desmond,( LLB ).
Tel: 00228_9312_0959.
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  • Jacob Barcomb I didn’t think you were taking it seriously but was curious.
  • May Machin I think my sentence stated it clearly up yonder
  • May Machin May Machin
    (not a serious response below, just wanted to see what he’d say)
    Go for it.
    Law Chambers

    I receive your email message. For more details and clarification,endeavour to furnish me with your alternative e-mail address such as, or different from your FACEBOOK contact to enhance effective communication.

    Please, contact me on:

    Your prompt response will be appreciated.Your alternative e-mail address is needed.


    Frank Desmond,( LLB ).
    May Machin

    So is this a money laundering scheme or an attempt at identity theft?
  • May Machin oh yeah, Novi Filipovich, check it out, pretend to be my lawyer, if it’s real i’ll give you 20k
I bet they’ll show anyone who pays the 69 bucks. No thanks, we’re starving ‘artists’ for a reason.

Dear Krystal,

Greetings from See.Me (formerly Artists Wanted)!

I have some exciting news. We have selected your work to be a part of a special international exhibition we are producing this summer titled “The Story of the Creative”.

This seven week exhibition will celebrate and display the works of pro level See.Me members from around the world, and your work has been selected to be shown!

You are invited to exhibit up to three images of your work within the newly installed digital exhibition room of our New York City gallery. The show opens on Thursday, July 25h and will run through the Tuesday September 10th.

To accept this invitation and have your work in this special exhibition, click below.
Accept your Invite by Logging into Your Account »

If you are unable to attend the exhibition, we will mail you an archival quality print showing your work in the show alongside an official letter of recognition for being a part of this special showing.

In order to prep your images for the show, we need your response as soon as possible. We are hoping to get all the artists confirmed by Midnight Tonight, but if you need more time the final deadline is this Tuesday , July 2nd.

The Story of the Creative Exhibition FAQ can be found at

Please feel free to email me directly if you have any questions!

Thanks! We are excited to exhibit your work!

Emily K.
Community Director
See | Me : Questions + Answers
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  • Cannibalized Auto response:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your note!

    The response to this exhibition invitation has been incredible; your enthusiasm is much appreciated!

    In an effort to address your inquiry more promptly, I’ve provided answers to frequently asked questions below. If you’re not able to find the information you need, feel free to email, where the See.Me community team will do their best to assist you. (Notably, due to the unexpected popularity of some of our current projects, our small but dedicated team has a big backlog of emails to answer. We will make sure you get the help you need, but please keep in mind that it may be 5-7 business days before you receive a response.)

    Remember, in order to have your work exhibited, you must register at the link below by this Friday, June 28th:
    Please note: in order to prep your images for the show, we need your response as soon as possible. We are hoping to get all the artists confirmed by Midnight Tonight, but if you need more time we will extend the final deadline for you to Tuesday, July 2nd.

    While this is our first large-scale member show, we hope to continue producing shows like this on a regular basis throughout the year to showcase select members of our community in a live exhibition setting.

    Here’s your invite to the show:

    We sincerely appreciate your interest in See.Me and The Story of the Creative exhibition. We hope to celebrate your work on July 25th at See // Exhibition Space!

    All the best,

    Emily K.

    Community Director


    Answers to Questions:

    When and where will the Story of the Creative exhibition be held?

    The exhibition will be hosted in New York City at:

    See | Exhibition Space

    July 25, 2013 

    7p through 11p

    It will be on view through September 10, 2013.

    You can view the show invite here:

    How many artists are being exhibited?

    We are working to build opportunities to show as many of our members as possible in shows like our monthly party at the Eventi hotel in Manhattan, our annual exhibitions in Times Square and Miami, and regular events at our exhibition space in New York City.

    While “The Story of the Creative” will feature a small fraction of our members (less than one percent), we hope to continue to feature more members in other opportunities throughout the year, both in person at these shows and through our website, newsletter and social channels.

    This invite isn’t being extended to everyone. We are excited to have you participate!

    What do I have to do to be included?

    Click this link to confirm your inclusion and to tell us how you want your name displayed in the show and your location.

    If your membership level is currently Pro, your inclusion in the Story of the Creative digital projection series is all set! This is one of the perks of Pro membership. You simply need to accept your invitation by logging in to your See.Me account via the link sent to you in the email invitation.

    If your membership level is currently Basic, you will need to upgrade to annual Pro membership ($69) by June 28, 2013. You will need to do this by logging in to your account via the link sent to you in the email invitation.

    The event is presented to honor the creativity of our Pro members. All types of art will be shown!

    Why will only Pro members be included?

    While we’d love to show work by all of our members, there is a limit to the amount of work we are logistically able to exhibit. The small dues that Pro members pay help to keep the entire See.Me community operating and advertising free. Producing shows like this costs tens of thousands of dollars and it is our Pro members who make it possible.

    If you are already a Pro member, thank you for making this show possible!

    How will upgrading to Pro membership benefit me?

    As a Pro See.Me member, you will not only be included in the Story of the Creative, but you’ll also be granted free access to a year’s worth of See.Me-produced competitions, including eligibility for awards, grants, and future exhibitions. Pro members are also the first to be considered for special features on our homepage and through our social media channels.

    As we continue to add features to our system, Pro members will be the first to have access to them, and some new features will be exclusively for Pro members, including a new deep statistics system we are currently testing.

    Can I select the images I’d like to have exhibited?

    Our curators will select images for display directly from your See.Me profile. We will select work that best fits with the flow of the show as a whole. If you have additional work you’d like to be shown that isn’t yet on your profile, we suggest uploading any additional images that you’d like to have considered, as soon as possible. Final selections of images will start next Monday.

    Do I need to send you physical prints or high resolution files?

    No, we don’t need physical prints. The Story of the Creative exhibition will feature work on museum quality monitors and a large wall projection and will not require physical works. We will source your chosen images straight from your See.Me profile. If we need a higher resolution image from you, we will reach out to you to request it.

    What if I cannot attend?
    If you are unable to attend the exhibition, we will send you an archival quality print of your image in the show, alongside an official letter of recognition for being a part of this special showing.

    Will See.Me own my images if they are exhibited?
    You retain all ownership rights to your images. By accepting the invitation, you are allowing See.Me to display your images with your name and location in the described exhibition. See.Me does not own your images, nor does submitting to See.Me affect previously standing copyrights on your work. We will never sell your work to a 3rd party.

    Although if someone wants to buy a piece from you, we will do our best to put you directly in touch with the buyer!

    I hope that helps make everything more clear!

    To have your work included in the exhibition click here:

    Thanks again!

    -Emily K.

    Director of Community
  • Alex Blau Is this a good thing?
  • Cannibalized
    Click “Collect Me” to help me win $10,000 and a show in the most immense exhibition of art in New York City : Art Takes Times Square.
  • Cannibalized btw i wrote for a response “You know, we’re called starving artists for a reason, 69 bucks can feed me for over a month”
  • Alex Blau Sounds like it’s worth a shot…..
  • Alex Blau O.K. sounds like a plan, fuck everything! Hah!
  • Cannibalized My money tree died. Oh wait, I never had one, I’m saving for a fucking car, not a digital bullshit scam. Although if they did send an archival print, that would be cool. But it’s probably a joke, like a 4x6 haha
  • Alex Blau I am a dimwit, I thought they were going to give you $69.00 for submitting your pictures. oh well.
  • Cannibalized Anyhow, feel free to like my shit on the one with the photo on the lowest in this thread.
  • Cannibalized actually these are cool
    Thank you to all the talented photographers who participated in our 4th annual ESee More

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HEY NOTICE Please repost this if you can :)

Antiseptic Fashion is STILL having a HUGE sale! 
He can remake and also work on custom orders! 
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remember that time i came home from my third job at 3am and you gave me a drink, not alcoholic, to be nice, but you were an asshole and put a bunch of belladonna in it and i fucked a virgin? not that i knew, he told me after and you all thought it was hilarious while i was pinned out and near death. i should make a hit list like oldboy. plus i was like 19 and i think he was 16 (thank something that’s legal in florida.. oh god.. (16-24 is legal there as long as mommy and daddy don’t get mad))

(not that i lived with mommy or daddy)

this will be in my book, once i get motivation to write again.


they wanna cure you, you’re the cancer, you’re the fucking problem.. you’re the pollution, you’re the issue, and they wanna solve it // rivi madison // digitally and physically manipulated P3200, expired 20 years, shot in almost pitch black.

fucking beautiful.

I'm only doing each letter once.

love louie







Eastcoastwrapper in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts  and Matt with me, Cannibalized all Wrapped today (i didn’t… I lied….) and made a colab piece. So many healing stones! Hit this up, or etsy, or message them :) O.B.O

Colab 420 (name of this colab piece?)

ONE OF A KIND, many healing stones, see below.
Any custom requests send to my email below.

Photos are in the process, you can see the final, but I wanted to show the process.

All stones listed below for their properties
Collaborative piece made with;


I PUT A PRICE BUT MESSAGE ME FOR OBO and we can discuss.
mario.dumay [!at]

green kyanite-
key words; inner bridges, psychic ability, connecting with nature, past life recall, telepathy, empathy
element; storm
chakra; all, especially third eye (6th)

green tourmaline-
key words; healing, strength, vitality, wholeness,
element; water
chakra; heart (4th)

white opal-
key words; purification
element;earth & water
chakra; crown (7th)

key words; Love, compassion, healing, and abundance
element; water
chakra; heart (4th)

key words; connecting with the Earth, opening of the heart, healing, balance, subtle perception
element; earth
chakra; heart (4th), root (1st), earthstar (below the feet)

key words; forgiveness, compassion, release of karmic patterns, prosperity
element; water
chakra; heart (4th)

key words; magic, protection,
element; wind
chakra; all

Krystal layton

You are easily the most horrible person I have ever grown to know. I hope in all the ways you hurt me and have threatened to hurt me that someone happens to do them back to you. I see why you claim that your cats were taken. They weren’t yours to begin with you just wanted them just as you want everyone to believe you are telling the truth when indeed every syllable you utter is a lie.