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GAUNT Magazine issue 2 is out!
Gaunt Magazine #2 Winter 2011-12

By May Machin in GAUNT Magazine

68 pages, published 24 DEC 2011

An incredible amount of atists of all forms have shared their work with us for issue 2. Some of whom I have been watching for nearly a decade, so it is my honor to show their works to the rest of the world. Many thanks to musician Sopor Aeternus, who took the time to work with me and my co-designer for answering interview questions and supplying us with photos for her new album release. Some other featured artists are Lucas Lanthier, Danny Malboe…
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And my apologies for the cost of the issue. Print per order websites aren’t cheap, but the quality is fantastic on this one, and it’s basically like owning tons of artwork that could even be cut out and framed if so desired. I’m not expecting more than a few sales, which is fine, but just know I’m not doing this for profit. I’ll make about 3 dollars for each sold, and I’m giving that to my co-designer.
Happy Holidays!