Cannibalized Photography

I want a fucking house and a car and or motorcycle (cheap ones). I live just south of Boston. An hour from Providence, RI, an hour from Lowell, MA, about an hour from the border of NH. Come to me. Let me shoot you. Pay me something. We can negotiate. I can also include insane hair and makeup, or beauty shots for your portfolio. Anything. Even nudies. But nothing icky. I need help.

And I can travel anywhere.. train, plane, automobile (heh) but will need compensation for travels, so tell your pals, no one has to be a model, just anyone who wants photos, headshots, engagement.. anything. Please repost. Not only do I (need) money, but also I love photography, and want to travel the world. And couch surfing, or a comforter on your floor is acceptable, of course, unless I have buddies in your city (in which case I will not bother you after a shoot, unless you wanna hang out and drink or watch movies or play scrabble..)

You can paypal me at . 1 dollar. 1 cent. anything. or any picture i have ever taken… some are here

anyhow, i can give you a deal. so send me an email if interested. Thanks friends.